Pampered People


Tracy J. Ware & Judith Gasser

Tracy known for her "Person Centered Massage" incorporates elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure & Cranial Sacral Therapy into each session!
Judith's niche is Rain Drop Therapy, Zero Balancing & Reflexology which help release restrictions in the flow of spinal energy.

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The Treatments

60 minutes $90
Person Centered with Tracy

75 minutes $110
Person Centered with Tracy

90 minutes $125
Add in Hot Rocks with Tracy

15 minutes $25
Foot Reflexology with Judith

30 minutes $65
Rain Drop Therapy with Judith

30 minutes $55
Zero Balancing with Judith

60 minutes $110
Rain Drop & Zero Balancing with Judith (Saves you $10)

70 minutes $130
Raindrop Therapy & Zero Balancing with Hot Stones
Deluxe Session with Judith